Safety and Regulation

Australia’s Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) regulates all commercial flying activities. To carry passengers, all charter operators must have a licence to operate. Air Bush Charter has an Air Operators Certificate No ARN 127513. CASA requires strict compliance to regulations that ensure the utmost safety of the passengers.

Pilots are required to have a high level of training and need to maintain their qualifications by regularly testing and training. Rigorous regular medical testing is also required for a commercial pilot.

The aircraft are required to be kept in a very high standard of maintenance. They must also carry a minimum amount of equipment to enable them to safely complete the flight. Most important systems are required to be duplicated such as navigation instruments and of course at least two engines.

Air Bush Charter is required to carry out all operations to a set of procedures that has been approved by CASA. This applies to the training, qualifications and experience of the pilots, the quality and maintenance requirements of the aircraft and the procedures that are used in day to day operations.

Private pilots and their aircraft are also regulated by CASA as well, but are allowed to operate to much lower standards because they are only flying for their own personal use.   

Air Bush Charter’s certificate allows us to operate day and night and in most types of weather and to carry passengers and freight.