We have been servicing the regions of Dubbo (NSW) and Goondiwindi (QLD) for over 20 years.

Flying with us will allow for you to travel in comfort, save time and take you to wherever you need to get to in a safe and efficient manner. With Bases in Dubbo and Goondiwindi we are able to offer a friendly and reliable charter service to areas that span the east coast of Australia.

You pay the full fare for the taxi regardless of how many people go with you. The costs are based on how far you want to go and how long you want to stay at the other end.



Peter Travers


Peter Travers is a highly experienced pilot who owns the business he operates. His knowledge of the area and his experience will ensure that your charter trip is carried out to high standards.

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Robert Leonard

Rob and Cathy have owned Air Bush Charter for over 20 years and are experienced and professional operators. Rob is a very experienced charter pilot who can get you to your destination efficiently and safely.


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DUBBO | Beechcraft Baron

The Beechcraft Baron is a fast comfortable aircraft for business travel and outback excursions. It can take up to 5 passengers with an easy to access cabin

Location: Dubbo
Passengers: Up to 5
Speed: 350kph


GOONDIWINDI | Piper Navajo

Comfortable executive transport over short or long distances. Air-conditioned cabin class interior and comfortable leather seats make the aircraft ideal for taking your team away to meetings or functions. Entry is via an airstair so no climbing over the wing or squeezing past seats.

Location: Goondiwindi
Passengers: Up to 6
Speed: 350kph


Air Charter operates very similar to a taxi. We take you  where you want to go and when you want to go. You pay the full fare for the taxi regardless of how many people go with you. The costs are based on how far you want to go and how long you want to stay at the other end.


Australia’s Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) regulates all commercial flying activities. To carry passengers, all charter operators must have a licence to operate. Air Bush Charter has an Air Operators Certificate No ARN 127513. CASA requires strict compliance to regulations that ensure the utmost safety of the passengers.

Pilots are required to have a high level of training and need to maintain their qualifications by regularly testing and training. Rigorous regular medical testing is also required for a commercial pilot.

The aircraft are required to be kept in a very high standard of maintenance. They must also carry a minimum amount of equipment to enable them to safely complete the flight. Most important systems are required to be duplicated such as navigation instruments and of course at least two engines.

Air Bush Charter is required to carry out all operations to a set of procedures that has been approved by CASA. This applies to the training, qualifications and experience of the pilots, the quality and maintenance requirements of the aircraft and the procedures that are used in day to day operations.

Private pilots and their aircraft are also regulated by CASA as well, but are allowed to operate to much lower standards because they are only flying for their own personal use.   

Air Bush Charter’s certificate allows us to operate day and night and in most types of weather and to carry passengers and freight.


All aeroplane costs come down to the number of hours it flies. Most costs are based on flight time such as fuel use, maintenance required etc.  There are several components to costing a charter flight:

The number of hours the aircraft will fly for. This includes locating from our home base to your pickup point and also the trip home if you planning a one way trip.

We charge the pilot out on a daily basis while he is waiting for you. There are strict regulations on the amount of time the pilot is on duty, so we are obliged to accomodate them while they are waiting for you. For example if you go somwhere at 6am and want to come home at 6pm we need to put him in a motel or equivilent so he can be rested for the trip home.

We sometimes charge for airways charges. Airservices Australia and many airports charge for us to use their facilities. We usually pass these costs on as some places are more than others and some other places are free.


Here are some tips to make sure you get the most from your trip

  • Air travel is most efficient on longer trips or trips where there are no other forms of transport. Short trips may be just as cost effective in a car. Trips to capital cities may be better on a commercial flight.

  • Travel light. Only take the people and equipment you need. This means a smaller aircraft and  less fuel stops. We plan for a maximum of 10Kg baggage per person.

  • Travel fast. Plan your trip so you are away from home the least time as possible. This reduces our waiting charge and also the overnight accommodation costs of the pilot and all the passengers.

  • While we make every effort to have you there in the planned timeframe, delays and cancellations may occur due to weather or mechanical issues to if you have time sensitive plans, make a plan B or allow a little extra time for delays.

  • If you are booking accommodation, consider getting an extra room for the pilot. We will reimburse you for the costs.

Air Bush Charter is always happy to provide a no obligation quote and provide advice on any travel arrangements to make the trip efficient and reduce your costs. Because we are a small operation it is a good idea to make enquiries ahead to time to ensure we are available on your required dates.


It is important to consider these factors when planning your air charter trip.

For safety reasons Pilots are limited in the amount of time they can be on duty each day. This may affect your trip if you plan on a big day. This can be alleviated by some of the following:

  • If a pilot gets no rest he is limited to a 12 hour day.

  • If a pilot can rest for 4 hours during the day he can extend his day by 4 hours. This is usually more than enough to get you there and back. We do this by putting them in a motel or motel like accommodation while he is waiting for you.

Weather is always an issue for small aircraft. We are not as well equipped as the larger airliners so we can be limited by weather. If icing is forecast we may not be able to travel. This usually affects more southern areas during winter. If Thunderstorms are present or the weather at the destination is overcast we may have limited options when travelling. We keep a good eye on this when planning and are usually able to advise you in advance if we need to make any alternate plans.

All aircraft are limited by a maximum takeoff weight.  Usually there is not enough room for a full load of passengers and a full load of fuel so one has to be traded for the other. We can take fewer passengers on long trips, or we can land more often to refuel.

Some airports not available for general aviation aircraft. Major city airports are overcrowded and smaller charter aircraft are not welcome. Landing fees are very high and we can be forced to hold and wait to land which costs a lot. The best option is to land at the secondary airports and catch a taxi.

We operate out of two locations.
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