Professional Aerial Photography

Air Bush Charter have specially modified some of their aircraft to carry a range of camera equipment. We have teamed up with  Vision Communicators to provide a range of aerial photography services.

Vision Communicators can provide both digital and printed imagery to varying specification in, but not limited to:

        • Vertical, geo- referenced, and oblique photography
        • Concurrent or stand alone digital video
        • Mosaic and linear image stitching
        • Colour extraction and analysis
        • Pixel resolution from sub 0.06m (6cm)

The uses to which these applications can be put to is limited only by one’s own imagination and needs, but can include:

        • Asset recording
        • State of repair records
        • The mass of objects
        • Locational, and site characteristics
        • Reports and publications
        • Environmental studies
        • Planning and development feasibility studies
        • Historical records
        • Crop yield estimation and take up
        • Geo-physical study
        • Real estate advertisements
        • Natural disaster reconnaissance and evaluation
        • Determining site layouts at a point in time
        • Providing a visual record of change and development over time
        • Farm and property management applications
        • Tourism and promotional purposes
        • Asset recording and identifying
        • Public relations purposes
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Contact Brian Harvey +61 417 060743 or email him from his website above

Dubbo 0419 633 206             

Goondiwindi 0418 598 427